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Politics/Current Events

Politics (from Greek politikos "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the art or science of influencing people on a civic, or individual level, when there are more than 2 people involved. Modern political discourse focuses on democracy and the relationship between people and politics. It is thought of as the way we "choose government officials and make decisions about public policy".


Privacy War
Priority Message: There's A Secret War Happening Right Now. The Target? Your Privacy! You Don't Realize How Closely You're Being Watched Or How Easily Your Life Could Be Destroyed In This Privacy War.
How To Win Any Election
A Complete Guide To Winning Elections - 5 Ebooks And Sample Documents, Including A 178 Page Elections Guide That Shows Everything You Need To Know To Win Your Next Election!
Join The Movement To Impeach Barack Obama
Join The Impeach Obama Campaign Today And We Will Send You (Via Immediate Download In PDF Format) Our Ground-Breaking 32-Page Report: Why Barack Obama Needs To Be Impeached In Order To Save America. But That's Not All...
US Food Crisis Survival
Food Crisis Survival Is A New Product For The Survivalist Market. Watch This SHOCKING Presentation And Prepare Yourself For CHAOS & PANIC As The Food Crisis Hits America.
Survive Any Food Crisis
Are you prepared for the upcoming food crisis? If not, you're putting yourself and your family at risk.
Pandemic Survival
While Millions Die, You Can Protect Yourself & Your Family From The Worst Pandemic To Ever Hit The Human Race...
Engineering Vehicles E-book |
Great E-book For Military Enthusiasts. It Has 57 Pages And Contains Rare Information On Combat Engineering Vehicles, Recovery Vehicles, Bridgelayers, Ferrying Systems, Mine Clearing Vehicles And Other Specialized Equipment.
The Truth About Dalits
Highly Acclaimed! The Absolute Truth About Dalits, Caste System And Untouchability. Separates The Reality From The Misinformation. Accomplished And Well-known Author.
Crisis By Design
Finally, A Book That Reveals The Root Causes Of The Worldwide Economic Crash, Why It Happened, Where It Is Headed And What You Can Do About It.
How To Survive The Coming Food Crisis
Promote A Free 30-page Ebook That Educates Prospects About The Coming Food Shortages. The Follow-up Series Sells A Monthly Interview Series About Food Preparedness And Urban Survivalism.


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